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The promotional lanyards are available in several colours.  It is possible to print on both sides of the lanyard, or only one.  There are several options of clips (i.e. clips, hooks, rings, etc.).  To visualise all the options, please take a look at the Macaron catalogue, available in the "Virtual Catalogues" section.    


The QR code is an original way to promote a company or an event.  A QR code can allow your to:

*Navigate towards a website;
*Watch an online video;
*Trigger call towards a specific phone number
*Send an email;
*Add a virtual visit card to a contact list, or add an event to an electronic agenda;
*Show a geographical on Google Maps;
The keychains are available in different models and in different finishes.

Here at Creations P.V.L. we provide a variety of promotional items that have several goals ranging from the promotion of your organization to simply thanking volunteers, employees or sponsors.  What makes our promotional items so fantastic is that we are able to personalize them with either the name of the receiver or the name of your company or even  the event that you are hosting. 
Not only can we personalize a variety of items like USB keys, but we also offer personalized wooden pens, as well as keys chains.  A personalized pen, with or without a box, is the ideal gift to thank a customer after doing business with your company or even to congratulate young graduates! 
Is one of your employees or acquaintance retiring? Why not offer him or her a lovely clock!  Or do you want to acknowledge the years of services of an employee?  Or simply offer a present to your parents? Why not offer them a lovely custom photo album!